Hiking Rules

Like any other sport, hiking has its own rules that players (hikers) must observe.

Who Gives Way?

If you’re descending a slope, proper trail etiquette requires you to give way to uphill hikers. This is because you have a wider field of vision, plus the hiker heading to the opposite direction is working against the force of gravity. Regardless of the direction you’re going, make sure that you inform the other hiker that you want to pass, rather than just sneak on them.

And who gives way when you come across a large group? If you hiking solo or you’re a small group, the larger group has the right of way. The main reason being it’s easy for you to step aside. Additionally a larger group may risk trampling and destroying the wildlife.

When you meet a hiker on horse, get off the trail. This is because is easy for you to manoeuvre out of the way. It also ensures that both you and rider are safe. But if you come across a person riding a bicycle, it’s their responsibility to give you the right of way unless if they’re climbing on a very steep slope.

Leave Everything As You Found Them

It’s not uncommon to encounter various obstacles on the trail, but proper etiquette requires you to leave everything as they were. For example, you don’t have to kick and topple the funnel-like cups, which are meant to give direction, just because you think they don’t belong to the wilderness. The same applies to plants, insects, and rocks; don’t disturb their existence. You’re here for hiking, so you better mind your business.

Always Say Hello

Greeting other people is voluntary, especially when you meet strangers. However, a fellow hiker is like your brother, given that you’re on the trail for one purpose. Say hello to other hikers and any other person you encounter. Ask them about them, about the next campsite, water sources, and anything you may encounter on your journey. This is not just for friendship, but these people may be of crucial help when you need help.

Use Your Smartphone Sparingly

Bringing your cell phone to the trail is a personal choice, but be sure to mind other people. You don’t need to blast loud music. Use a single ear bud, so that you can enjoy your music while still focusing on the trail and its surroundings. If you’re calling someone on the phone, don’t shout unless there’s a problem with the cell network and the person you’re talking to wants you to speak up. Also, take care not to get on the way of others while taking photos. Additionally, don’t brag to others how clear your photos are.

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