How to Dress for Hiking

As an avid hiker, you want to dress comfortably without sacrificing style. Here are a few tips to help you with what you wear on the trail.

Avoid Cotton and other clothes that absorb moisture if you’re hiking in humid or rainy weather. These clothes will soak you in moisture and make you wet. Such clothes not only make you feel uncomfortable, but you may also catch a cold.

Don’t put on heavy base layers unless you’re hiking in cold areas, such as snowy mountains. Multiple layers of clothes will make you feel heavy.

Wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts if you plan on hiking in areas infested with bugs. Insects are common in the woods and deserts, and they are always ready to suck blood out of you and trigger certain diseases.

Your choice of shoes depends on the surface of the trail. What you wear on sandy surfaces may different to what you use when hiking in swampy or muddy areas.

Always wear socks to prevent blisters. Thick and warm socks are perfect for long trails. You may also want to wear multiple layers of socks if you can’t something thick.

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