The Bottom Line of Hiking and Trailing

Now that you know the benefits of hiking, some great hiking tips, how to find a hiking partner and trail, and what to wear, it’s crucial that you know what to carry in addition to your first aid kit. Always carry enough food and water. A few water purification tablets may come handy when you run out of water. Additionally, you need to ask if you are allowed to hunt, fish, and gather some plants for food. Bring with you some insect repellent to keep away the blood-sucking bugs, such as mosquitoes in the tropical areas, which can give you malaria through a single bite. Also carry sunscreen and apply it on your entire skin, especially when you’re hiking in hot weather.

Some medicine to to counter insect bites may be the difference between staying healthy and going to a hospital. Apparently, you’ll get tired and feel some pain on different parts of your body, so painkillers may come handy. Sipping down an energy drink may also give you the fuel you need to fight exhaustion and complete your trip.

Even though you want to be stylish and safe on your next hike, be sure to check and compare the prices of your attire in different stores and brands to save some money. The bottom line in giving way on the trail is for your safety, so if you notice that the other person isn’t ready to heed to the trail etiquette, just step aside and allow them to pass. If it dusks before you arrive to your destination, look for the nearest campsite and rest. Alternatively, you may look for somewhere safe, make a tent, prepare a fire, and spend the night. However, inform your close buddies and the officials that you’ll be in the wilderness for the night. Enjoy your hike!

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