Trails and Hiking

For those who are involved in hiking, they have no difficulties naming all of the great benefits that this sort of activity brings to them. Some start with this as something new to try and soon fall in love with it.

Safety Precautions

While hiking is considered to be a reasonably safe sport, it does have some element of danger to it. Much of which can be greatly reduced with the proper safety measures. Hikers should never hike alone. They should also have access to medical professionals like those which can be contacted through the livi app if the need arises. Also, knowing the safety rules that are to be applied to hiking goes a long way in keeping hikers safe.

Some Great UK Trails

When planning on exploring some new hiking trails, it is always a good idea to keep up with the latest news to see if any of it applies to the specific hiking destination being planned for. Some of the greatest hiking trails throughout the UK are:

  • The National Trails: For those who want to hike trails that are highly recognised and well used then a good starting point is the national Trails because of their popularity. Not only do these trails offer various challenges; the scenery to be enjoyed is most impressive.
  • West Highland Way: Hikers that are in Scotland will have plenty of trails to choose from. One among them is the West Highland Way which allows hikers to enjoy a 95-mile trek. There is much to enjoy along the way such as the beautiful forests of Loch Lomond and the Devi’s Staircase.
  • Helvellyn Lake District: For those who find hiking a mountain to be the ultimate experience, then this one will hold no disappointments. This hiking region has much to offer hikers of all skills. It doesn’t have the highest peak, but it is loaded with plenty of hiking thrills.
  • South Downs Way: For those who enjoy a mixed terrain and a change in the scenery then the South Downs Way may top the list for an exciting hiking destination. It is spread out over a hundred miles, and some feel it is more fit for those who wish to cycle or horseback ride. However, there are plenty of hikers who don’t mind covering much of the territory on foot.

These are just a few of the many hiking trails that are well known throughout the UK. New hikers should start with trails that are well used and are classed as a beginner’s level. Once these are mastered, then it won’t be long before the beginner hiker turns into a more experienced one. It will then just be a case of choosing those trails with the most appeal.

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