Can You Make Money Hiking?

In today’s world, where the economies are stumbling and money seems to be a scarce resource, people are fast finding ways of making money in whatever they do. So yes, you can make money doing what you love; hiking and trailing.

1. Print and Sell Gear

How does that t-shirt or hat with the words “I Love Nature” or Me, I and Nature” look like? Does it impress you that you want to buy it? Make these garments and sell them to other hikers to make a living out of your hobby. You may even ask them what they want to be written on their shirts.

2. Sell Photos

Are you an expert in photography? There are various online sites where you can register, upload photos, and sell them to an array of users.

3. YouTube

In the digital world where almost half the world’s population can access the Internet, consider taking your viewers through the different journeys. The secret to this is being creative and mysterious in whatever you do.

4. Competition

While many of the competitive hikes seek to raise money for charity and environmental awareness, there’s no loss in creating a competition and inviting fellow hikers to pay some money to participate in the event.

5. Hike Guide

Are you an avid hiker? Ultimately, there are a bunch of hikers out there who want to know the best and most challenging routes on their next trek. Post your contacts online on social platforms or a website

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