Once you’re full, there are high chances that you’ll want to pee or answer to the long call of nature. There’s no problem with peeing, given that can move like 50 metres away from the trail to ease this urge. This is totally different when it comes to defecaeting. You may be ashamed of your trail partner or the strangers that pass by your side or think you’re not being eco-friendly. But who’s ever dodged the bullet forever? Good etiquette, though, is that you should move 100 metres deep in the woods or behind a rock before doing this act. Be sure to bury your leave or, if you’ve the right material, pack them out and dispose of them in your toilet. The basic procedure of pooping in the forest, desert, or any other place you go hiking involves:

  • Choose a spot that has plenty of soil and is far from any water body or high above the water mark.
  • Dig a six-inch deep hole
  • Squat and do your business
  • Clean up. You can wipe off the poop using leaves if you forgot to bring toilet papers
  • Stir up the contents in the hole. Add some leaves or any other debris to speed up decomposition
  • Fill up the hole with soil, and continue hiking

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