What to eat

The food you eat when hiking and trekking depends on various factors, including the number days you’ll be in the forest or hills. Hiking is so physical that you need to recharge your batteries regularly to keep you energized and in good physical condition to continue with your journey. Basically, eat or pack hiking foods that are full of carbs to provide you with energy you need during the entire day. Soups and other watery foods will fill you up, but they don’t have as much energy as carbohydrates and fats. Good sources of carbohydrates for hikes are snacks and the best for camping include energy bars and cereal bars. Chocolate bars are an alternative; however, they melt easily and may leave you thirsty once you eat them. You may also bring with you some nuts and berries to supply you with necessary nutrients, especially if your intention is to stay in the woods for extended periods. What if you want to cook? Consider carrying a camping stove, match boxes, cooking pans, cutlery, and a few towels. When cooking, be sure to cover the boiling pot to speed up the cooking process and save fuel.

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